Chapel of Hope

Chapel of Hope, originally, was begun under the leadership of Deacon Clarence Ramer in 2002. Services were held off the Bridges of America property known as The Turning Point Bridge - a substance abuse residential treatment facility. Services were conducted in Pompano Beach until 2005 until due to damages to the building and a change in programming the services were brought into the Turning Point facility for residents and their families. A weekly Sunday service was celebrated.

In 2005 Fr. Ginery Twichell was installed as priest in Chapel of Hope. He was assigned primarily to serve as a Chaplain at Pompano Transition Center. PTC is a Florida Dept. of Corrections community based prison operated under contract by Bridges of America. The chaplaincy began in August 2005 and a ministry was established the first week. The ministry has expanded to provide a total of 5 different worship services (different denominations) each week. 

In addition to worship services a variety of other ministries are provided including: Pastoral Counseling, Family Holday Events, Bridge Builders (a Christian 12 Step Recovery Program), Malachi Dads™ Program (Parenting and Character building), Mentoring, Evangelism Explosion, Parenting and Relationship Building Skills, as well as a variety of Bible Studies and Discipleship programming.

The ministry has developed a Praise and Worship team which provide an opportunity for the men to learn and share their musical and vocal gifts to the community, their families and the community.

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The primary SSD style worship is conducted on Saturdays at 3:00 pm until 4:30 pm.  The service is conducted within Pompano Transition Center grounds; a Community Based Prison operated by Bridges of America under contract from the FL Dept. of Corrections.  The inmates and their families attend the service.  A Noon Eucharist is celebrated on Wednesdays at the facility.

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