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Thursday, 16 August 2012 12:02

Chaplain Willie Tillman & some of the families who attended.

On August 8th The Turning Point Bridge held a Back-to-School Family Day event—a day where families could bond together before the school year began. Chaplain Willie Tillman recruited George “Buster” Rhymes, former Minnesota Vikings football player, to share the story of how he overcame a drug addiction and to explain how families can be supportive of one another in overcoming obstacles in their lives. Two other guest speakers were also in attendance, Reverend Stonewall Sims and Pastor Andrew Wells. They, too, emphasized the importance of families and reminded the audience of just how special our children are. There was a host of activities throughout the day, including a Sack Race, Hoola Hoop contest, Tug of War, and basketball. The men at Turning Point grilled a delicious lunch of hotdogs and hamburgers, and every child took home a goodie bag filled with candy and a backpack filled with supplies for the school year.  To quote Chaplain Tillman, “The team pulled off a fantastic back-to-school backpack bash!”
Let’s wish all of our families a phenomenal school year!

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