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Tuesday, 09 October 2012 10:37


Anthony Rivera's Mother (Ms. Silvia Anderson) holding the plaque in honor of his memory.

On Friday, October 5, 2012 the Turning Point Bridge held a Memorial Service honoring Mr. Anthony Rivera.  Mr. Rivera served as a mentor to several of the men at The Turning Point Bridge and was a painter by trade.   Last month, he volunteered to paint The Turning Point Bridge Chapel, using all his supplies and help from a few of The Turning Point men.   After finishing this project Mr. Anthony passed away in his home.  Chaplain Willie Tillman, Bridges staff, and clients all decided to dedicate The Turning Point Chapel to Mr. Rivera in his honor.

His Mother, Ms. Silvia Anderson, requested that the dedication service take place on October 5th, Mr. Rivera’s birthday.  She and approximately 25 of Anthony’s family and friends were in attendance, as well as many Turning Point clients. Dr. Thomas Beckner, Director of Chaplaincy Services, delivered a brief dedicatory address; Fr. Ginery Twichell, Chaplain at the Broward Bridge, read a poem; and clients, Terry Williams and Brandon Kovarick spoke of Mr. Rivera’s impact on their lives.  The services ended with the delivery of a eulogy by Mr. Shawn O’Neill and the hanging of a plaque in memory of Mr. Rivera’s service to God and Turning Point Bridge.

Ms. Barbara Leveton, Facility Director, commended Chaplain Tillman’s efforts:  “Out of all the functions in my last 3 years with the Bridge, this one touched me the most. God Bless you for all you do.  The outcome of this service and how it touched his family, mother, staff, clients, and friends was phenomenal to say the least.”