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Thursday, 08 August 2013 14:26

Dr. Thomas Beckner, Director of Chaplaincy Services, traveled to Fredericton, New Brunswick July 15-19 to conduct a training event on behalf of our sister ministry—Bridges of Canada.  This event was in preparation for the placement of five full-service chaplains in each of the provincial correctional centers operated by the New Brunswick Department of Public Safety.  The team of Canadian chaplains will follow the “critical dimensions” model of chaplaincy services consistent with what the Society of St. Dismas provides in our Florida facilities and which is detailed in Dr. Beckner’s recent book, Correctional Chaplains: Keepers of the Cloak.

From Left to Right:
Len Davies - Deputy Director, Correctional Services of New Brunswick Dept. of Public Safety; Wayne Hagerman - Chaplain; Claude Arsenault - Chaplain; France Boucher - Chaplain; Caleb Christian - Fredericton Community Chaplain; Heather Harrison - Director Correctional Services of New Brunswick Dept. of Public Safety; Dr. Thomas Beckner - Director of Chaplaincy Services; Lynda Lewis - Co-Founder of Bridges of Canada; Richard Bragdon - Vice-President, Bridges of Canada; Dennis Sisco - Chaplain; Albertine LeBlanc - Chaplain