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Wednesday, 21 May 2008 14:00

intro3Open Homes Regeneration

The Lord has entrusted this ministry to the care of Father Mike Grenier


Open Homes Regeneration is a Christ driven Ministry devoted to men that have been broken down by their alcohol/drug addictions, and have decided to rebuild their lives.

The Lord has entrusted this ministry to the care of Father Mike Grenier and his staff.  We have been blessed to stand together serving God’s lost and wayward children, not losing hope in the face of difficulty and continuing to move forward through the many obstacles the enemy throws at us.  The men that enter to this program come from all occupations and lifestyles, bringing with them many different talents and abilities, all of which are blessings to the ministry. One of the things we emphasize is focusing our first love back to God and making a decision not to serve other things such as our addictions, money or materialism.  While in the community, the men learn the essentials of how to receive as well as give, the value of physical labor, and the rewards of leading a life of devotion and prayer. The classes taught here help to gain victory over the addicted man and enable him to let go of unhealthy, negative, and destructive thought patterns. The beautiful thing about the Lord’s blessing is that He never falls short or neglects us. He showers His Church with unending miracles, undying Love, and life sustaining mercies.

Our staff has a commitment to give back to the community, and encourages the men to seek GOD for their needs. We ask that you help us in pressing toward the High Calling of God by praying to partner with us financially. May you keep our ministry in prayer for prosperity, joy and peace, so that our “DOOR” is always “OPEN”. May the Lord continue to bless you and your families, AMEN.

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