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Thursday, 01 March 2012 15:11

 Sam Pennington and Emmett Solomon

     Recently, Fr. Charles Brown and Dr. Thomas Beckner participated in a series of meetings in Tallahassee designed to expand a statewide network of faith-based volunteers and service providers. The featured guest presenter was Emmett Solomon, director of Restorative Justice Ministries Network (RJMN) in Texas and founder of a similar movement in that state.
    Prior to founding RJMN, Mr. Solomon served as a correctional chaplain with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for 30 years. During the last ten of those years, he was Director of Chaplains for that department.
    RJMN now includes 85,000 people who do or have done prison ministry.  Mr. Solomon lobbies for a more efficient criminal justice system, and much of the effort of the ministry is extended toward releasing prisoners who need the help of the Church as they attempt to structure back into society.  The network also maintains an active website regarding prison ministry (www.rjmn.net)
The Tallahassee events were co-sponsored by Bridges of America, Smart Justice, and Tax Watch.