2014 National Faith Symposium | Print |
Friday, 24 October 2014 10:27

The 2014 National Faith Symposium, one the largest gatherings of faith-based and community leaders, was held on October 21-22, at the Rosen Plaza in Orlando, FL.
With great workshops and speakers who shared their best practices, techniques and tools the conference gathered a large number of faith and community leaders, juvenile justice and child welfare professionals, community-based providers, educators, law enforcement, mental health and substance abuse providers.
Bridges of America  received a recognition for supporting this wondeful event and all of our Chaplains were present.
From left to right: Chaplain Brown, Chaplain Molleturo, Chaplain Wade, Chaplain Terpstra, Chaplain Dawson, Chaplain Minster, Chaplain Brakefield, Fr. Ginery, Chaplain Burke, Chaplain Mitchell, Fr. Scott.
Center: Fr. Charles Brown.

Back, from left to right: Duane Terpstra, Allan Dawson, Ginery Twichell, Ralph Minster, Ken Brakefield, Michelle Mitchell.
Front, from left to right: Scott Davidson, Robert Brown, Bruce Wade, Fidel Molleturo, Sharon Burke.