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Friday, 05 February 2016 15:53

From Jan 12 – 22, 2016 Bridges of America successfully hosted a delegation from Kenya and the participants went through intensive training including the Ten TC Concepts, Trauma Informed Care, TC Immersion and Medication Assistance Therapy with Dr. Andersen.
They visited our sites and had hands-on experience with our clients and visited their groups. They also visited the Orlando VA Hospital where the delegation was met with open harms.

The members of this important delegation - Hellen Njoroge (PhD student in Clinical Psychology and practicing Counseling Psychologist at Nairobi Women's Hospital Gender Violence Recovery Centre), Gitahi Kanyeki (Senior Superintendent of Administration Police and Voluntary trauma counselor in the National PS), Gitau Susan Wambui (Counseling Psychologist and Director of International Professional Counselors Centre) and Rachel Nyawira Njoroge (Nurse at Nizhoni Health Systems, Massachusstes) had two weeks of trainings, activities and meetings in Alcohol and Drug Abuse

We were delighted to welcome our affiliates from Kenya and look forward to many more visits!


From L to R: Fr. Charles Brown, Gitau Susan, Lori Constantino-Brown, Hellen Njoroge,      At the Auburndale Bridge, where the Kenyan group did a 4-day TC Immersion Training

and Gitahi Kanyeki


Sunday service at the Cathedral of St. Dismas


Medication Assistance Therapy with Dr. Andersen               At TAB with Ms. Charlene Sears-Tolbert